Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Introduction

For my first post I thought what better way to start this off than an introduction. So here's a couple of facts about me:

  • My Name is Taylor
  • I'm Seventeen
  • I swim
  • I'm a senior in High School
  • I reside in Orange County, California
  • I want to be a nurse
  • My favorite color is Lilac
  • Favorite "wild" animal is an Elephant
  • Favorite "domestic" animals are dogs
  • I have one, named P.J, and shes my best friend 
  • Here's a picture of me:

Okay, well I obviously suck at facts about myself, I've always been one to struggle with talking about myself, like in school when you're supposed to tell something about yourself, never been good at that, anyone else? Okay now that I've gone off into a tangent, I started this blog because I've never been good at keeping up with anything, especially journals, will an online journal be any different? Lets hope so. I've had a tumblr for nearly 4 years, but its just a bunch of pictures, not really a blog. Anyways I really hope you enjoy all the posts that will be on this blog and continue to tune in to findingmyperfect.


p.s my tumblr is: just in case you wanted to check it out 

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