Thursday, January 23, 2014

Juice Fast?

Long time no talk!! Been busy with finals... yuck.

Anyways, I've always been very into "juicing". Today in government we watched a documentary on a man who went on a juice fast for 2 months. Juicing is a very fast way to drop weight, some people might argue that its like starving yourself, but it's not at all. The fruits and vegetables provide so many yummy nutrients to your body.

The Argument:

  • It's not providing you enough nutrients.
  • It's like starving yourself
  • Once you finish, you'll go back to your eating habits and gain it back, quick.
From my series of blog posts that I read almost 100% of people results were:
  • They were happier
  • Healthier
  • Saw improvements in their hair, nails, and skin
  • All averaged at least 20 pounds a month!!!! (almost 1 lb a day)
  • Started craving raw, organic food (fruits and vegetables), rather than processed foods.
  • Their stomachs shrunk, causing them to become fuller much quicker
I'm very convinced with this juice fast, my mom and I are planning on going out this weekend and purchasing a juicer. I'm planning on doing it at least a month. After a month, I might keep going, or start to eat solids as well as juicing. Before I leave for college I want to be like 30 even 40+ pounds lighter so I have about 8 months, plenty of time. To be there before prom or graduation would be amazing and quite frankly with juicing I think I will get there within 3 months. I mean lets be real the sooner its off the better. 

I'm planning on updating you guys every week, or if I see improvements fast I will update you then. With me starting a full time swim practice schedule I have a feeling the weight is going to drop VERY quickly. Being in one 2 hour practice I burn around 1,000 calories! My mom is worried that I might pass out at the start of this fast so before practice I might drink a protein shake to ensure my body is prepped for a pretty extreme workout.

And for the topic of gaining it back quickly, that is something I'm very worried about. I think if I get to a goal weight and start feeling so good with my body, I will be soooooooo inspired and pumped to make sure I keep it off. Also I will be so used to eating natural foods that if I eat anything greasy or processed my body will reject it and make me feel sick. After getting my wisdom teeth out I really couldn't eat much for a good week, I went to lunch while shopping at a fast food restaurant, after over week of no grease I felt extremely sick after. So after a month I can only imagine that I probably wont even crave anything unhealthy.

I really hope that this works and I hope that you follow me along on this journey!! Maybe I will inspire one of you to start juicing!


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