Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Me

Apologies for the cliche title, I just couldn't help myself haha. Anyways, maybe by letting the internet know of my goals for 2014  it will inspire me to work even harder to achieve them. So I will ramble no further, here are my 2014 resolutions.

  • Become healthier, cutting out carbs (I'll indulge every now and then), eating out less, and eating more fruits and veggies, I wanna be at my goal weight before I leave for college, I don't want to make too high of goals but if I can make it at least 3/4 the way by prom that would be perfect.
  • Quit biting my nails, yes I admit, I am an avid nail bitter. I'm getting acrylics on tomorrow to act as a shield for my nails so they can grow. I'll probably have acrylics on for the rest of the year just to make sure I stop.
  • Get a Prom Date. Yes its one of my goals. I need to meet some new guys/start building stronger relationships so I can acquire a date. I will not be completely heart broken if I don't get one, but lets face it, all girls want a prom date am I right, or am I right.
  • Become organized. Pretty straight forward, organize my life, room, everything pretty much.
  • And last but not least, Finish what I started. I wanna start a Youtube channel, and keep up with it, as well as this blog. I always tend to quit things when they get too hard or I get bored. I've started to teach myself the piano, and I want to learn even more songs, and not give up.
That's all my resolutions for 2014, I hope in a year I'm still blogging and telling you my 2015 resolutions! I want to know your resolutions, Comment yours below!


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