Saturday, January 4, 2014

Drum Roll... The Naked 3 Palette

My favorite Christmas gift I received was the new, beautiful Naked 3 Palette, by Urban Decay.

Here come the crappy, 10 pm at night lighting, iPhone quality pictures that do the palette no justice whatsoever but here you go.

This is the only Naked Palette I own, and to be honest I'm very happy I've waited. The rose gold tones compliment my skin tone and eye color perfectly. I've always been a fan of pink/goldish tones in eye shadows. If you don't own any Urban Decay eye shadow, I certainly believe it is well worth the investment. The color pay off is great, each shadow I've used is very pigmented, and the color lasts all day. I'm very excited to start using this everyday. I've always thought Urban Decay has had very good quality brushes, I own some of their "Good Karma Brushes" and use them everyday.

My personal favorite  in this palette is a tie between Buzz and Trick, which happen to be right next to each other in the palette:
(Again sorry for such horrible lighting)

There is only one thing I would change to this palette. I've never been one to pull of black/gray eye shadows, so I would have rather seen more chocolaty colors in here to substitute for factory, mugshot, darkside, and blackheart in this palette. However that is just a personal preference.

Urban Decay is cruelty-free/vegan/marley approved. Which in my opinion makes the brand all together so much more lovable.

Being this is my first review I thought I'd give you a run down on how I rate:
A- Completely Happy, wouldn't change a thing
B- Love it, would make very few/minor changes
C- It's alright, probably wouldn't purchase again
D- Has some potential, but disappointed
F- Completely Hate it

So that being said, I give this palette an A!!!


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  1. yay! glad you love the palette! you are right about the dark eyeshadows. it would be nice to have chocolaty ones