Saturday, January 4, 2014

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, from what I've noticed is that people either: 1. Adore her or 2. Loathe her. I happen to fall into category #1. 

I think shes admirable because she doesn't care about what anyone thinks, which I think is a problem a lot of girls, especially teens, have. Despite the hate and negativity that surrounds her, she continues to do what she wants, which I think is key in life. Be who you want, not what others want. This is evident in her fashion choices, which I could probably never pull off (see photo below) but hey I think she rocks all of her looks.

Going into her music, I absolutely love her album: Bangerz. In fact, I even have it playing now. My personal favorite off the album is: Someone else, which I don't know why but reminds me of her 2010 song: Who Owns My Heart. I don't know if it's the lyrics or the catchy beat but I looooove it. Her album explores a lot of different genres, 4x4 shows a little bit of her country roots,  Love Money Party is a little hip hop, and then songs like We Cant Stop shows pop. Unlike a lot of Disney stars who have gone from a television series to launching a music career, Miley doesn't sound autotuned to the max, and actually has a good voice. 

I want to know your opinion on Miley, do you think shes rebelling after her break up with Liam? Or maybe that shes acting up to gain attention and promote her career? Whatever your opinion is I want to hear! To each their own opinion.


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